Catalogues: Your products

This chapter is about your product portfolio which is represented in the form of catalogues. You learn how a catalogue is structured, get to know the different levels and how to move within them.

The most important part of the app are your catalogues, because they represent your complete product portfolio. The catalogues are created in the backend by the administrator. Only then can they be called up via the side menu. To store catalogues directly on the homescreen, configure your homescreen in edit modeas described above.

A catalogue usually consists of different categories and products. Each category contains a certain number of products. However, the structure of a catalogue is flexible and can be adapted exactly to your needs. The design of the catalogues can also be individually designed in the backend.

The following examples introduce you to the different levels of the catalogues and explain how to navigate here. You can easily follow all examples using the demo catalogue. Please login via the demo access in the app as described in chapter 2.

>> Select a catalogue by tapping it from the side menu or the homescreen.


Catalogue selection in the side menu